Maintenance Plans

On-Site Instrument Preventative Maintenance Plans

Proper maintenance and quality control extends the life of your laboratory equipment, minimizes downtime and keeps your system operating optimally on a continuous basis. Documentation of the work is organized and stored both on-site and at our home office. This can provide laboratory personnel and regulatory agencies proof of regular maintenance and quality control. It also allows for quick, easy diagnosing of system issues and analysis of performance trends.

AASystems provides long and short-term field maintenance plans and on-site instrument repairs. Plans include: instrument calibrations, quality control analyses, employee & operator training, instrument preventative maintenance/repairs* and troubleshooting.

We go to you. Once at your site, the needs of you and your laboratory are assessed. AASystems field technicians will evaluate the existing operating systems, chromatography software, analytical methods, and workstation setup. After evaluating the instrumentation setup, field technicians will determine the proper way of optimizing your instruments and workflow.

The preventive maintenance plan is then reviewed and confirmed by the client. Upon approval, maintenance visits will be scheduled to our client’s preference and will reoccur on the agreed terms.

In case of equipment malfunction, AASystems can be on-site quickly. Please call (888) 920-8610 or email

Service Agreements

We can tailor service agreements to what will best suit your company’s current setup and needs. AAS guarantees a maximum of a 48-hour on-site response time and unlimited telephone technical support for minor troubleshooting. AASystems assigns each client an individual field technician to maximize familiarity with the instrument and minimize downtime. Clients benefit from a service agreement by not having to pay for regularly priced consumables and will receive a discounted hourly rate. The service agreement is ideal for clients that are interested in regular on-site visits utilized for preventative maintenance, repairs, calibrations, and/or quality control.