Onsite Services

AASystems GC/MS service and calibration
analytical instrument service and repair

Onsite Laboratory Services

Advanced Analytical Systems offers a variety of onsite laboratory support services to ensure instrument performance. We work with clients to provide low-cost, practical solutions that ensure their laboratories are fully equipped and their analytical instruments are performing properly at all times. Our goal is to minimize any uncertainty in measurements and to keep laboratories running smoothly. Our team will assist with ordering the correct reference standards, calibrating your equipment, and maintaining all necessary documentation for record. Each piece of equipment is kept on an agreed upon calibration schedule that is maintained by our service team.

Our personalized business approach and diversified field services provide clients with cost-effective solutions that streamline day-to-day laboratory operations. Our services are applicable to laboratories in the petroleum, oil, gas, hand sanitizer, cannabis, green energy, environmental, water/wastewater, and medical industries.