About AAS

About AAS


We make every client feel like our only client.

AASystems serves as a laboratory consultant for companies that utilize gas chromatography (GC) analysis, spectroscopy, and other analytical techniques to verify the composition of products. We work with our clients to effectively use and maintain their laboratory equipment. Our services involve calibrating analytical instruments, performing necessary repairs and upgrades, managing parts and consumables, assistance in ordering new instruments, and providing all necessary documentation.

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We look forward to discussing your laboratory support needs.

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Every service request is guaranteed a response within 24 hours, including holidays and weekends to accommodate 24/7/365 operational schedules. Our service team can be onsite the same day a service inquiry is made for local clients. In addition, we offer multi-day service visits for clients outside of southern California. If onsite visits are not encouraged, you can send us your instrument for repair, we will fix it and send it back ready to go! We do our best to maximize instrument lifetimes and minimize downtimes so that our clients are never hindered by their laboratories.


“Advanced Analytical Systems is committed to providing each client with a personalized experience. We take time to develop tailored solutions for every laboratory so that every unique detail is accounted for. I am fully confident in my teams ability to come up with the right solutions for any analytical application. We look forward to discussing your laboratory support needs.”

Tom Monroe, President

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We will find the best instruments for your analytical applications.

Gas Chromatography

Over 25 years experience working with, customizing, and servicing gas chromatographs.


Our support services are adjusted to fit each laboratory’s specific needs.


In our experience, no two laboratories are the same. We learn from each new lab to improve our level of service and account for problems before they arise. We are trusted by all our clients because when questions come up, we have answers. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

Yes! AASystems maintains a fully functioning laboratory with a variety of gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, and autosamplers. You can bring your own instrument or we can use one of our own if we have the same model instrument. We also offer onsite operator training services for clients who are currently struggling with an instrument and would like assistance.

Our operational hours are the typical Monday-Friday 9-5 PST schedule. Service requests can be made at any time for over-the-phone or remote technical support and troubleshooting.

No. AASystems is not a gas chromatograph manufacturer but we strive to maintain strong relationships with our suppliers so that we can quickly provide analytical systems to clients in need. We will act as a consultant to our clients to help guide them through the process of purchasing new instruments, handle installation and calibration then train clients on how to use them.

Yes! We maintain an inventory of parts and supplies from different manufacturers that can be purchased for repairs on different instruments. We cannot guarantee that we will have a given item in stock at a given moment.

No. AASystems is not a testing laboratory. Though we do have the capabilities to perform sample analysis, we prefer to remain as a consultant for clients that operate their own instruments.

Yes! Our onsite laboratory support services are applicable to companies across the country. We will send our service team to your facility to service your instruments and come fully prepared to handle any and all issues you may be experiencing. Non-local trips will incur additional costs for travel.